Congratulations 2024 CICI Summer Research Grant Recipients

May 8, 2024

The Center for Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2024 CICI Summer Research Grants. Join us in congratulating these students as they embark on their research projects.

Graduate Students

  • William James Carter, Geography | "Navigating Black Waters and White Fears: Danger, Waterscapes, Navigability and the Origins of Racialisation"
  • Bonnie Jean Cherry, Jurisprudence and Social Policy | "Shadow Wolves: Tribal Sovereignty, Co-optation, and Militarization of the Tohono O'Odham Borderlands"
  • Matthew Grumbach, Sociology |  "Fascism in the Expanded Field: Latin Authoritarianisms and the Avant-Garde"
  • Jimena Perez, Geography |  "Restorying the L.A. River"
  • Naomi Ytref, Jurisprudence & Social Policy | "The Red Screen of the Past: Political Identity, Race, and Legal Consciousness in the Aftermath of War"

Undergraduate Students

  • Frida Caldo Huerta, Interdisciplinary Studies | "Positive coping strategies and resilience to undocumented status: Evaluating the mental health effects of a peer mentoring program on undocumented young adults in the San Francisco Bay Area, California"
  • Kristie Delia Moore, Global Studies | "Between Two Worlds: Border Identities, Interethnic Relations, and Conflict at the Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan and US-Mexico Borders
  • Mario Varo, Political Science | "Investing in Humanity: Examining the landscape of Pro Bono Legal Representation for Migrants in the San Francisco Bay Area"

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